Laga library documentation

Laga is a Genetic Algorithms (GAs) Library written in C#. The library also include tools for math, list operations, interoperability and other interesting features. The main class section allows you to design and build any kind GAs architecture:
population > evaluate > select > Crossover > mutation > replace population
The library allows anyone to try different genetic operators until find the best architecture for the problem to solve.

The code is updated according to my needs. I use the library often, for my work and aside projects. Nevertheless the documentation it’s have been intermittent updated which makes difficult to use it, improved or create a community. Few people have been contact for questions and development, I also know than others have used the library for research and experiments.
The main of this web page is to provide a concise and clear library usability as well as to show examples.

The framework currently has 3 main topics. Genetic Algorithms, Graphics, and Interoperability.

Revised documentation: 13/01/2019